Working Capital! Every business needs it. Hair Salons need it. Sometimes raising the extra money from your revenue just isn’t enough. Or, perhaps you can’t get it fast enough, BUT you’ve got plans. You have dreams. You want to grow now, not when you’ve saved enough in 6 months, or 12 months, or 2 years. Here’s the big question, can you get working capital for a hair salon – your hair salon?

Well, you may have several options for working capital for a hair salon.

It’s in our name, “The Broker”, but we function as a broker, so we have many options for business working capital, equipment leasing and financing, and more. If you don’t see something that pertains to you precisely, reach out any way to see if we can help.

Time in Business Requirement for Working Capital for a Hair Salon?

There’s a couple of different options in terms of working capital for a hair salon. One of the options requires 4 months plus time in business, which is amazing. We’ll call this working capital for a hair salon option #1.

Another option for hair salon owners requires 6 months plus time in business. We’ll call this option #2.

Banks don’t want to lend to businesses that have not been in business for 2 or 3 or 5 years plus. On top of that, banks want a whole bunch of other CRAP that the average business owner doesn’t have. This is why some of the alternate business finance options we’re talking about are so great in terms of helping you get working capital for a hair salon. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the working capital options that may be available to your hair salon.

Apply online securely here –> DAC.

Option #1 for Hair Salon Working Capital Business Loan

  • 4+ months time in business
  • 500 plus FICO score for business owner
  • You need to have a business checking account
  • No collateral needed
  • Working capital funded in 1-5 days. (wow, bank loans take 25-95 days depending on all the particulars)
  • Very minimal documentation with a streamlined process
  • The amount you can borrow depends on your monthly sales/revenue for the most recent 3 months
  • Must be making $25,000 per month for the last 3 months (funding amounts from $25,000 plus)
  • Working capital amount available ranges from 1-2 times your monthly sales

Apply online securely here –> DAC.

Working Capital for Hair Salon Option #2

  • 6+ months time in business
  • FICO scores as low as 450
  • Again, you need to have a business checking account
  • Fast, Same day approvals AND same day funding (or next day, it depends on the time of day your working capital loan is submitted)
  • The process is easy breezy and 100% online
  • Instant approvals
  • This option allows for funding UP to $25,000

Apply online securely here –> DAC.

What if These Aforementioned Working Capital for Hair Salon Option Don’t Seem to Fit My Your Business?

There may be other options to get working capital for a hair salon. For example, we do have a working capital option that does NOT require you to have a business bank account. It also does not have FICO score requirements. That trade of is typically smaller working capital advances.

How Your Hair Salon Can Apply for Working Capital

For these nail salon working capital options we work with DAC. DAC has one of the largest funding platforms in North America. The DAC platform  includes ALL of the top lenders. In plain English, that means they/you have over 17 in-house funding partners. All of them will COMPETE for your business providing you a one stop best offer guarantee. Apply online securely here –> DAC.

Remember, we operate as a business finance broker. Therefore, we have MANY options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please email us to see if we have an outlet at Info@TheBroker.Finance

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