The Broker is dedicated to being your number one source for commercial loans to help you drive your business forward. Commercial loans come in many shapes and sizes. Often times if you contact a specific bank or lender, they may or may not have the commercial financing product that’d be the best for your business at the moment.

That’s the beauty of being a broker. We have access to many different commercial lenders. This allows us be able to offer a wide array of loan products serving a vast array of industries. If your business is the perfect candidate, you can get a loan anywhere really. However, in terms of what banks look for, they only really help about 20% of the businesses out there. What about the other 80%?

That’s where we shine. We have access to traditional bank opportunities as well as more non traditional commercial lending sources.

For more info about commercial loans, please contact Info@TheBroker.Finance or (714) 271-8524

Commercial Lending Programs

Below are a few of the types of loan we can offer:

For more info about commercial loans, please contact Info@TheBroker.Finance or (714) 271-8524

Working Capital Commercial Loan Programs

In business, cash flow is king. Leveraging yourself for success is key. Sometimes, your business might have the cash to make an equipment purchase it needs, but it could also be good to finance that equipment to keep cash on hand for your day to day business activities.

There are quite a few ways to get working capital loans. We highlight a few of them on our working capital page. Even if you don’t see your particular scenario, we encourage you to reach out. We have a large network. Plus, we’re always growing.

Equipment Leasing & Equipment Financing Commercial Loans

Here at The Broker, we have a wide array of equipment financing and leasing funding sources. It doesn’t matter if your business has been around for a while or it’s start-up. Whether your credit is A, B, C, or D, we can likely help you finance the equipment you need.

For more info about commercial loans, please contact Info@TheBroker.Finance or (714) 271-8524

No FICO Commercial Loans in California

There are many different types of commercial loans. One VERY exciting lending option is a No FICO Commercial Loan in California. This is basically a private money program that doesn’t have a FICO score requirment. You can have NO FICO, or a 300 FICO and still potentially qualify for this commercial loan option. For this particular commercial loan the maximum loan amount is $10,000,000.

The maximum percentage of the home value that can be financed is 65%. So, the approval is based more so on the fact that you have a good amount of equity. In fact, you previous foreclosure or bankruptcy is ok.

Here are some key points about this program:

  • 2, 5, 30 year fixed programs
  • Interest Only Options
  • Stated / Self Employed OK
  • Owner Occupied OR Investment properties
  • Delinquency OK
  • No Prepayment Penalty Options
  • Cash Out (no limit on cash out) or Purchase

Acceptable Property Types for this No FICO Commercial Loan Program:

  • Commercial Building (all types)
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Construction / Commercial
  • Self Storage
  • Apartment Buildings

Commercial Real Estate

We have a variety of commercial loans available for purchasing and refinancing real estate and raw land.

For more info about commercial loans, please contact Info@TheBroker.Finance or (714) 271-8524

Equipment Sale Lease Back

One type of commercial loan available to get working capital is a sale lease back of your business equipment. The Broker has several lenders that do equipment financing  and allow sale lease backs to get you working capital. Each of these lenders have a different appetite as well as different credit score requirements.

There is even one of our lenders that will do ANY credit score. We can even help you get working capital via a sale lease back even if you have a recent bankruptcy. We’ve even helped someone get their street sweeper out of repossession. For the really bad credit option, we typically need construction equipment and commercial trucks. However, there are lots of collateral options that are accepted. So, If you’re looking for working capital for your business, we encourage you to reach out to The Broker.

For more info about commercial loans, please contact Info@TheBroker.Finance or (714) 271-8524

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Revenue Based Funding for Working Capital

This is a funding option for business owners that may allow you to quickly get funding from $5,000 – $2,000,000.00. What’s special about this revenue based funding option is that it only requires 4 months time in business. Another requirement is that monthly sales needs to be $5,000 or more for the last three months. For this commercial loan option, your business does need to have a checking account. Another great aspect in regard to this working capital option is that here is no collateral required and funding can happen within 1-3 days (not 30-90+ days like a bank).

Basic qualifications for this option:

  • 4+ months in business
  • $5,000+ per month in sales (each of the last 3 months)
  • Business checking account
  • 450-550+ owner’s FICO score
  • Approximate approval amount is usually about 1-2x monthly sales

In regard to this particular working capital funding we work with DAC. DAC has one of the largest funding platforms in North America. The DAC platform  includes ALL of the top lenders. DAC has over 17 in-house funding partners. All of them will COMPETE for your business providing you a one stop best offer guarantee. Apply online securely here –> DAC.